Session 1 - The Watch Is Reborn
(AKA How did we get roped into all this again?)

Our tale begins with our poor and unfortunate player character souls in the Pit underground prison where they’ve been kept for crimes against the City. They have been hauled to the surface, blinking and unsure to the palace where they meet the prickly Viceroy and the new Lord Regent of Sanctum. It is here that they are told that they have been drafted into his Lord’s service and are to spend the rest of their sentence as The City Watch. The Commander of his Lord’s military Charolais Levet will be overseeing their progress to keep them in line. Desertions will commence in an outright death sentence, serving loyally and faithfully will reduce one’s sentence and gain them coin. All agreed.

Their first task is to track down where the first Watch disappeared to and report their findings back to the Commander. It will be a perilous mission. Good thing they’re all expendable. ;) Having no choice in the matter, our intrepid heroes are taken to the Watch House to gather their equipment and meet their new HIRELING Rigby, the ineffective and cowardly watch secretary who will then brief them more on where they will be going.

It is from there the newly formed watch, Eltharion, Yui, D’vall, Ser Bjorn, and Long-Tail set out to the Ruins to find the previous watch and solve the mystery. All the while keeping their eyes open for treasure and dangers….

When they arrive at the ruins, they are met by Hilde, a sweet old women who lives in a cottage with her caretaker husband, Samuel. All smiles and beckoning tea, the young Yui decides to go to their cottage with Riggs and the wise elf Eltharion (Who had decided that being a mouse was the best course of action to avoid having to walk everywhere) to have tea and cakes. Things seem to be looking up!

The other half of the Watch decide to wander the ruins for signs of the old watch (or just to loot corpses in some cases), finding an open grave with some mysterious rune inscribed bones (And subsequently taking one, (that’s not going to curse you of course not)) and a pocket watch with the monograms of ‘To S, Love R’. Long-Tail the wizard and now a filthy bone defiler has a strange revelation when he casts Detect Magic on the bones and they team with magical energy and begin to vibrate in a strange manner the closer they get to a certain spot, Ser Bjorn looks on with confusion at the small lizard. The thief, D’vall, finds himself some treasure from a newly dug grave, stealing a silver necklace from the poor dead women’s body but was unable to get her gold chompers despite struggling with her rigor mortis corpse.

Meanwhile, things are not what they seem at the cottage, Yui notciing that rather oddly, Samuel the caretaker seems to have disappeared and let them with the talkative Hilde, who keeps trying to ply them with more tea and a lot of cake; expertly dodging any questions pertaining to the missing Watch. It was then that Yui’s bad habits came to the fore and she attempted to threaten the old woman for information; a threat that wasn’t really aided by the fact she’s an 11 year old and about as threatening as a wet kitten. The old woman assures them that she has no idea what’s going on but Yui/Katja is insistent she does and goes to hack n’ slash against Hilde, but is interrupted by the elf who has changed back into his normal form and taken a bit of a tumble in the process. Owch.

The very astute D’vall decides to head to the odd mausoleum that had previously been pointed out by the ranger as where the many many footprints had led, there, possibly attempting to find even more corpses to loot, he finds an odd switch, but caution is on his side and he decides wisely not to pull it. Eltharion aids in Yui’s interrogation as she makes a physical strike against Hilde that…goes right through her. Hilde is not Hilde. In fact, she’s a horrible ghost wraith! Our heroes scramble to the door to escape the cottage and the now revealed wraith, screaming her head off like a banshee, The ground rumbling ominously underneath them.

Outside, the other group is having some slight difficulties as undead hands spring out of the ground, not to give them a round of applause, but rather to drag them under and feast upon their flesh! Oh no! Ser Bjorn bravely tries to defend against one of the newly risen zombies but finds himself unable to hit in his shock; D’vall the thief nearly getting a halberd to the face for his troubles trying to help the paladin. The heroes decide to make a bold move towards the mausoleum to escape the wraith and the hordes of zombies clambering for a taste of their meat!

It is there that our thief reaches to pull the switch and tumbles backwards down the newly revealed hidden passage underneath a stone sarcophagus into the dark. The party looks on…not quite sure where this dark staircase may lead…

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